Depending on the project, at MountX we seek to give you access to the most exclusive opportunities with a minimum of accessible investment. Today you can start investing from $ 7,800 USD

Yes, one of our advantages is that in order to start investing in MountX it is not necessary to be an expert investor since we have a solution system that takes you from being a pre-investor to an exponential investor in 3 steps, 1st Te We give you the knowledge to make a decision, 2nd we give you an action plan to meet your objectives and 3rd we give you the technological platform and the community so that you can invest exponentially.

Of course, it is possible to invest more than the minimum investment, in MountX you can invest from the minimum investment to being the sole owner of a property, it is very important that you take into account that diversifying your investment helps you maximize results.

No, this is not possible, currently we only receive direct investments, however we are working to have more investment options.

The main difference is that in an investment fund you never know exactly where your money is, it may or may not align with your values ​​and your objectives, in addition to the fact that you normally pay very high commissions for your investments. At MountX you have the power to decide where to invest and you have total control of your investments, always with total transparency.

The sooner you start the faster you will start to see results, you can achieve your financial independence by generating wealth and putting your money to work for you.

All investments have risks, but the biggest risk you can have is not having the knowledge or not understanding where you are investing. The risk-return ratio is the first step you have to know to start investing. In MountX
We have designed a system to minimize risk with investments in Real Estate.
The differences are many, for example, the liquidity that tokenization offers you, the ease of being able to make an international investment from your home, the security that the blockchain offers you and the accessibility of being able to invest in exclusive international projects from a small amount of investment.
At MountX we manage a return on investment of 10% to 12% per year in US dollars, depending on the project you choose.