We bring real estate investment to the whole world thanks to the tokenization of real estate.

At MountX, we facilitate investment in international real estate, lowering investment costs and offering security and transparency, thanks to Blockchain technology.

Fuimos la primera plataforma en Tokenizar 2 inmuebles en Queretaro, México.


We take safety and regulatory compliance very seriously. Our tokenization is regulated by the Security Exchange Commission in the United States, complying with the highest levels of security with the international regulations of Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering for all our investors. 


At MountX we use our own technology to divide properties into equal parts and offer them for sale as digital securities called tokens. 

Tokens represent property, making investments safer and offering the opportunity to invest in different properties for as little as $ 5.000.

Our team

Enrique Suarez

Co-Founder & CEO

Tania carrillo

Digital Marketing Specialist 

Luis Lozano

Business Development

Rafael Guerrero

Business Development


Rodrigo pineros

Real Estate Advisor

Miguel Gallardo

Fintech Lawyer

Paul kavanagh

Tax Lawyer

Collin Sellers

Digital Asset & Tech Advisor

Israel Frenkel

Security Lawyer Attorney at IA Frenkel & Co.

Why MountX?

En MountX we build a platform safe and simple that eliminates the inaccessibility and bureaucracy of traditional investments by making investments real estate investments are accessible to all.

Our team offers you total control and the possibility of diversify your portfolio. En MountX seek to offer total transparency and control of investments. We are the first real estate investment platform that uses Blockchain technology. 

We know how important it is to build an excellent team and we have associated with the best companies in their fields.


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